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#Dinner on our patio to finish off #father’s day!

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Happy #father’s day to an amazing #man and #father!!!!

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Just picked up D from school on his very last day at André Piolat, which has been an amazing school to both my sons. He was sad to go 😔 that’s when you know the school is good right? No one was in a rush to leave. Feeling #nostalgic

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Love 🎶 love 🎶 love 🎶

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Today both boys were studying hard for the provincial exams (high school). Alex and, left to our own devices, just played with apps!

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Bye bye Boston, Hello e-mails!

765 e-mails answered tonight. Now for the “to do” list… And THEN Strategy. oh, and the family, yes, the family first…Way-Too-Much-Homework-954x1024

I was SO wrong!

It is astonishing to me that I could be so right and at the same time SO wrong!!
The last few days are lasting proof that e-mail is really the worst vehicle to share anything important.
So my assumptions were all correct, AND I also missed an entire half of the information, which I got today after speaking to all parties about what has been happening in the last few days. To think that until last night, I was so sure that my point of view was objective, that it didn’t even occur to me that what happened today could happen.
Going back to the office early was SO amazing! Talking about things (and especially, shutting up and listening with a strong and true desire to understand) really changed my perspective.
It really humbled me to see how blind I was to the whole picture! It was such an emotional voyage. I felt really humbled to see that although I felt so right, I was only partly right, and definitely missed the entire point of the conversation the first few times around. I felt immense pride in the person I was upset with, because everything was done to CEFA’s benefit, every thought, every word, was for my own good, for our company’s safety, for me. To think that someone would feel so strongly about what ew have built, and defend it to the end, spend a whole week-end trying to find solutions, work nights, days, feel sick about it, all the while not feeling understood or supported – wow. I felt like a cow. imagesThen I had other meetings, and every single meeting with every single person (I wish I had time to meet with everyone I’ve been thinking about this past week), was so powerful! I felt incredible pride in my team. I always do, I think I have the very best team in the world, but to see their passion, their commitment, and their complete and total personal investment in their work, made me cry all the way home. It was tears of happiness of course, and of pride in them. How can I be so lucky?
The best part is that all the emergency strategic planning I did this week-end was exactly what i needed to do. What I didn’t anticipate is that I could go from feeling very strongly about my own course of action, to feeling that the other person actually had it right. It hurt like hell, but it made me grow so much. I can’t believe how much richer my experience is after today, after the last few days! And I feel very supported by my team.
Somehow, my mind arrived at the same conclusion as my team member’s just by thinking its own thoughts, letting things float around until they settled on their own. Now with that person’s insight, and my own, we arrived at a course of action that is much better than either of us had anticipated.
I feel so grateful to have had this incredible opportunity to learn, and to be better. I really had a whole plate of humble pie!
I feel so thankful to work with my team. I can’t wait to work all week-end, and to get to work on Monday. I normally skip to my office I love it so much, but I think I will literally float to work on Monday, like when you’re in love. I am in love!
May your Friday be as blessed as mine.

humble pie for me :)
humble pie for me 🙂

#Harvard was amazing!

So I still went to Harvard. Turns out I had time to do both. Maybe because I didn’t sleep last night until 6am, and got up at 9am (not by choice!).

It was great speaking with the researchers. They are trying to figure out a way to make early learning accessible to all because, and I quote, “these are the most important years in a child’s development.” 

I could not help but feel proud of our work at #cefa. Our program is incredible. Now we just have to figure out how to make it accessible for all. I have a couple of very viable alternatives, but it would depend on our government. That’s why I got involved with the provincial child care council. If one wants to move things forward, then one gets involved, volunteering time and knowledge. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about #cefa. My role as the founder and CEO keeps changing, depending on how many staff we have, how many schools we have, and how much money we need. It seems like every time I organize myself for my new duties, something changes and then my role changes. That’s where I’m at right now. 

Lots more happened today, but I’m too tired to write. 

night night xo Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.28.14 PM

shopping is overrated, building a Company is uplifting!

shopping is overrated, building a Company is uplifting!

Yes, working! All day. I re-studied some of the things I learned, wrote a lot of this coming year’s strategy, and made some hard personal and professional decisions.
I will now go for a walk in Boston for an hour or so, let things settle, then start again. I have added about 56 things to my to do list for the coming month. Not many items, but very powerful ones.
Does it ever feel like one could retire? Not so much – it’s an illusion. Just when you feel like you can take a breath, something calls you back, or sometimes even attracts you back 🙂