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Finished a whole chapter of my book!

Finished a whole chapter of my book!

Today I had a meeting with our team and agreed that I would write a lot more parenting and education content for them to use.
As I was leaving the meeting I was thinking that the promise I made sounded a lot like the things I say I will do but never get around to it. I have a very nasty habit of thinking that I can do more than I actually can do. What do they call it? Over-promise and Under-deliver? I don’t mean to, I just think I’m better than I actually am I guess – a distorted self-image. And I have no shortage of plans and wonderful ideas I want to bring to life, so I know I could do it, I’m just bad a realizing exactly how much time I have in one day, and how many things fit in that time. 🙂
So I left thinking “You promised Natacha, so you better deliver. Don’t screw this up because they are counting on it.” followed by “merde…” – pardon my French.
Writing is always my intention. I know what I want to write, I know how to write it and I want to write it, but somehow, the end of the day comes and I wrote nothing.
The problem, I think, is that it’s such a creative process that I tend to wait for when I really feel like writing, which is not very often. It’s a lot easier to answer e-mails, you don’t have to feel inspired.
I realize now that instead of waiting for the perfect moment, I have to make it an unavoidable part of my day. Inspiration or no inspiration, I have to make it a routine, or else I will keep postponing it and postponing it until the day ends.
Fortunately, I am already very good with doing the most important things first, the ones that will move the needle forward, and make us better every day. All I have to do is add my writing as a part of my already pretty full day.
That’s for me to think about tomorrow. Today, I celebrate that I forced myself to sit down and write a part of my book, and I did it. I finished a whole chapter when all I aimed for was 10 minutes of writing. The chapter took a lot longer than 10 minutes, I just kept going. The only hard part was starting. I hadn’t touched my book in at least two months, so when I first opened it, I found the order of the chapters and all the files I had created to follow the order I had envisioned, SO complicated, that I wanted to close it immediately and give up. I’m so glad I didn’t! 🙂
Tomorrow i will figure out where to put writing in my daily plan, and hopefully I will be much more inclined to getting started once I make it a daily habit.
Yay! A whole chapter!1-day-ill-write-a-book

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