screen-shot-2010-01-27-at-11-03-29-amNatacha V. Beim is a renowned writer, speaker and educational leader. Born in Uruguay and raised in Montréal, Canada, she has traveled extensively and studied several countries’ educational approaches. She now resides in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and two sons. She is the Founder and CEO of Core Education & Fine Arts(, and divides her time between research, writing and speaking engagements. Beim has many accomplishments in her name: She wrote a poetry book at the age of sixteen, which got published and was sold out; She speaks three languages fluently and understands two more; She twice took two years in one in high-school, graduating two years sooner; and excelled in many areas, including as a teacher, ballerina, model, journalist, painter, writer, actress (theatre) and runner. Although she devotes some of her time to these interests, her passion, and most of her time, is in the cefa junior kindergarten schools she created, which continue to expand rapidly throughout North America. “I always wanted to be a teacher, to help others find their passion in life. With Core Education & Fine Arts, I know that children will have this incredible opportunity to not only explore and learn (and love it!), but also, and more importantly, to discover themselves, and in the process, find out how to contribute to the world.” Says Beim.

And contribute, she does! Despite cefa’s incredible success, she still spends much of her time researching educational methods for the early years from around the world, including programs currently used in France, Britain, Italy, Asia and South America. Natacha Beim is a pioneer in the field of modern education.  She is pursuing more studies in developmental psychology, focusing on the early years, exploring everything from what to teach children, to how to convey that knowledge to them.  Her rich and modern view on education and development, and her incredible passion for life, have made Natacha Beim a fascinating speaker, enriching parents and educators alike.

Beim also continues to design educational games, as well as toys and classroom environments. But despite her busy career, she is the most dedicated mother, wife and friend, and a kind and giving person. She is an inspiration to all, and the more you know her, the more you feel inspired. The curriculum she created (the cefa curriculum) has been used successfully for over 15 years in several schools in North America, and will be used internationally in the next two years. It is a highly recognized approach internationally, and far surpasses the current standards in North America and worldwide: “Regardless of what happens with me, the cefa methodology will always be current. I designed as an open source so that all great educators can contribute to it, and the program itself can successfully incorporate other philosophies. I train all our teachers to question what they are teaching and why, and to design their own, unique path, with their students. The standards and curriculum are the same for us all, but how that curriculum is delivered always depends on the teachers and students. My teachers are great thinkers. They have the opportunity to contribute of themselves to the program. And as a result, we have the most up to date, the most creative, the most advanced program.”

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